Two VAT Ladies --- Good Simple Tucker

"There's no substitute for lard, lots of real, wholesome VAT and plenty of GST --- if you object, eat something else."

The two VAT ladies tell it like it is as they use their new tv series to help the Australian government sell its GST package to the public.

Declaring a mandate to cook, the two Vat Ladies ride into Canberra where they turn up the heat in the kitchen.

Unconcerned with political correctness, stylish presentation, or the latest fad diets, the two VAT Ladies dish up a heap of traditional family values, dripping with oodles of GST. This is a diet for those used to the good life and the taste for rich, expensive foods. Not the sort of fare for those with a weak ticker.

Tune in for the following hightlights this season.

Fish and Sydney Water
Darting off on their trusty motorbike and side-car, the two VAT Ladies cook their way around Sydney as they show everyone how to boil water for 3 minutes. At the same time they throw in a few suspect oysters. Clarissa suggests using the microwave to nuke any ugly bacteria that may be lurking in fish caught near an ocean outfall. "But they do eat well," chuckles Jennifer.

Meat and no Veg
"Tax that beef,"shrieks Jennifer as they round up a cow on a drought-stricken farm. Jennifer and Clarissa get out the big soup pot for a turn in a Sydney City Mission soup kitchen, where they feed caviar, duck-liver pate and vichyssoise to the Sydney destitute.

Fruit and Vegetables
Nothing tax-free about these two VAT Ladies as they pull a few greens out of a Paddington terrace. Here they prepare a tasty salad morsel followed by a palette-cleansing cocaine sorbet for the waifs at a local modelling agency.

Bush Tucker
Jennifer and Clarissa go bush when they set off for the Council for Aboriginal Reconcilliation dinner in downtown Redfern. Here they prepare a few native treats at the local Macdonalds. "Would you like an apology with that," squeals Jennifer, wiping the sweat from her brow, as she hands out another 10 point meal-deal.

Bankers dozen
Jennifer and Clarissa are at a Double Bay fund-raising fete for local bankruptees, where they show how to make cheap Sarah Lee apple crumble look like something you could serve on your best, not-yet-repossessed, designer dinner service.

Diplomatic Cabbage
The two Vat Ladies travel to Kuala Lumpur where they turn old-fashioned, tribal treats into haute cuisine for the leaders of key Asian nations. They serve up heaps of tripe and trotters with bubble and squeak. See them pop into the local police station where they pick out a battered head of Anwar for a lightly tossed chicken salad. No humble pie for these two girls.

Queens of Tart
Jennifer and Clarissa are invited to prepare a feast for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Here they make a few cookies go a long, long way and make sure there is enough for every marching boy with the munchies. Watch Clarissa scoop heaps of white powder on rows of freshly baked sponge cakes ---which were prepared off camera. "You can afford to be bloody generous with the icing sugar," sneers Jennifer, while Clarissa, cigarette-in-hand nods approvingly.

Look out for the recipe book and video at local ABC outlets.