SOCOG Olympic Gold

Bugger the medals --- if you really want Olympic gold run for the SOCOG salaries.

A bunch of high powered business executives appear set to reap huge rewards by competing in the Sydney Olympic 2000 rat race.

Not that anyone is ever likely to know what these people are earning for sitting on the board of SOCOG. They are intent on keeping their lucrative salary deals to themselves.

But don't be fooled by NSW Opposition attacks on the Olympic Committee. They are only cheesed off that most of the boys on SOCOG are high-profile Labor mates.

It is high time that the tax payers of NSW were provided with a detailed breakdown of the salaries and incentives being paid to these people. After all, Peter Ueberroth, the man credited with running the successful Los Angeles Games did the job for nothing.

Here in Sydney the intention, it appears, is to reward everyone at SOCOG for their loyalty if they hang around until the last medal is awarded at the Sydney Olympics. It makes you wonder about the character of Sydney when the loyalty of its leading citizens has to be bought, while the average Australian is expected to welcome the chance to do volunteer work for the Olympic cause.

If you listen carefully you can even hear these SOCOG officials thanking these thousands of ordinary Australian suckers who will be slaving away as volunteers because the spirit of the Olympics is important to them.

And the only other real winners will of course be the TV channels. All they need are a few cameras and some over-hyped sports hero --- who they don't even pay --- running around a stadium, and they rake in huge amounts of advertising dollars. Months after it is all over we will still be watching edited highlights and reruns of Olympic events as they squeeze the last drop of gold out of their Olympic windfall.

Of all the TV programs, sport is by far the cheapest and easiest for any TV channel to produce and broadcast.

Who are we kidding! It is high time that sport was moved from the back pages of local newspapers and put in the business section where it truly belongs. Only then can we be sure that sporting events are given the scrutiny they deserve.

Here at Rocket we are proud to host the very "unofficial" Sydney 2000 Olympic site. Most cultural events attract a Fringe Festival of some sort, and here at Rocket we will be striving to promote the true Olympic spirit as we launch "Fringelympics 2000 (TM)".

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