Pauline Hanson launches her One Notion Party

Resplendent in a red dress slit up the side from here to eternity, and in a blaze of publicity that is still resounding through RSL Clubs around Australia, Pauline Hanson, the woman who launched a thousand chips, dashed through a crowd of jeering protesters to launch her new political party at the Ipswich Civic Centre and so begin a new era in Australian politics.

No stranger to controversy since her maiden speech, Pauline has chosen to call her new political party the "Pauline Hanson One Notion Party".

"The name was a pretty obvious choice", said Pauline at a later press conference. "Everyone knows who I am and, as everyone knows, I have a one notion agenda. Mainly I want to stop immigration. It is important to give jobs to the poorly educated Australians being produced by our education system and not to migrants who cannot speak English."

Confident she will be able to field candidates in all seats at the next election, Pauline is intent on becoming the first woman Prime Minister of Australia. "I have people lining up to join my party", she said. "The only prerequisite is that you are 100% true blue, fair dinkum, white Australian and not Aboriginal."

Don't bother applying if your name is Bruce Whiteside though. The Pauline Hanson Support Movement, which incidentally was founded by Mr Bruce Whiteside, has voted to expel him. Shaking with indignation Bruce has indicated he will turn his stockpile of Pauline For PM posters into toilet paper.

Whether or not her One Notion Party will make a difference is unclear. There are signs of tension amongst the right-wing groups who rally behind her high public profile and feisty red hair. One of her key supporters, Mr Vic Piccone, was heard muttering that people were sick of political parties.

Bruce Woodley from The Seekers was not very impressed with her use of I am Australia, at her One Notion party launch either. Not surprising, considering the song was ment to promote Aboriginal reconciliation as well as Australian unity.

Draping herself in the Australian flag was not a good idea either. According to a spokesperson for the Department of Administrative Services, the Australian flag is supposed to be treated with dignity and respect, not worn like a bath robe!

However Pauline is confident of picking up the rural, bush vote. "The National Party are more out of touch with reality than ever before", a clearly confident Pauline stated. "They are no longer listening to their constituents. I on the other hand aim to put an end to native title once and for all! I welcome members of the Shooters Party to join with me and make a difference. I don't want to keep the bastards honest! I want to scare the pants off of them."

It is quite possible Pauline will be around for a long time. After all, The Coalition is still managing to squeeze the last drop of legislation out of the politically bankrupt Mal Colston without too much effort --- so they should be more than comfortable, riding the racist apron strings of Pauline Hanson all the way to the next election.

Besides, she has the sort of face newspaper cartoonists dream of.

And if you think we at Rocket are nasty to Pauline, have a look at the picture of her that Global Web Builders have used on, what they call, the "official" Pauline Hanson site.

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This photograph has not been enhanced by Rocket in any way. Even if we had tried we could not have managed to get such a good effect.

They have since changed the image, so you needn't bother clicking on it unless you want to see what they have replaced it with.

New from the House of Rocket
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