The Truth!

In yet another exclusive scoop Rocket can now reveal that the author of Pauline Hanson The Truth is none other than Marlo Morgan, an American author who has been denounced as a fraud and a thief after publishing a best-selling new-age book Mutant Message Down Under.

Mutant Message Down Under is supposed to be a "non-fiction" account of Marlo's spiritual transformation while wandering the Australian desert with the last surviving group of traditional Aborigines.

Along the way she saw sacred sites, learned to play the didgeridoo, and heard about secret "women's business" from male tribal elders --- who just happened to speak perfect English. In exchange she taught them the Macarena.

Mutant Message Down Under has been widely denounced as nothing more than New Age hippie shit. So far Marlo Morgan has ignored the message stick, presented to her by the roving Aboriginal ambassador Mr Sampi, urging her to stop the "hurt, the lies, and to make right the wrong".

Marlo insists that her journey into the soul of Aboriginal culture is the truth, and cannot understand why anyone would want to discredit her book. But she is obviously fed up with the campaign being waged against her and has hit back by ghost writing Pauline Hanson The Truth.

Pauline, on the other hand could very well end up wishing she had held a cake sale to raise money for her new political party instead of putting her name to an ignorant and insulting book.

So far she is standing by the book's claims. She states that it is all documented evidence and true fact taken from many well known sources. According to Ms Hanson, even Daisy Bates, a prominent turn of the century social worker, spoke of baby cannibalism being rife among certain Aboriginal tribes.

However Pauline may have bitten off more than she can chew with her $20.00 book that sets out to "provide a bit of balance in Australian history" by presenting Aborigines as savage cannibals.

No mention is made of the way these "savage cannibals" where rounded up and poisoned at Church picnics by the peace-loving, God-fearing, early Colonialists.

Mr David Ettridge, One Notion's national director claimed the book was intended to correct misconceptions about Aboriginal history: "The suggestion that we should be feeling concern for modern-day Aborigines for suffering in the past is balanced a little bit by the alternative view of whether you can feel sympathy for people who eat their babies.''

This is the same man who used to raise money for World Vision, until he jumped onto the Hanson bandwagon to peddle her brand of snake oil and make a quick buck!

Modern day Aboriginals may well ask if they should feel sympathy for a white race who have given us Apartheid, Nazism, Hitler, Charles Manson, Dr Crippen, and Mengele --- as well as the National Party and American television talk-show hosts.

So far only two high-profile Australians have shown any interest in Pauline Hanson and her One Notion party --- and even they may be regretting it now. Dawn Fraser, the well known Olympic swimming champion and one-time-Independent MP, dipped her toe in the water, by publicly voicing her support. Bill Hayden former Governor General has also shown interest.

Nevertheless, Pauline has managed to find one Aboriginal supporter in the form of Mr Robert Henry Toby snr, who appeared with Ms Hanson at a rally for her One Notion party.

But it is unlikely anyone of note will be too keen to closely associate themselves with her party of loonies who live in fear of a half-human, half-lesbian, half-machine, half-Asian, half-cyborg President of the future United States of Asia.

Unfortunately though, having missed the spaceship hiding behind the Hale-Bopp comet, they will be around for some time.

Australian Refugee
Meanwhile in a surprise move that is sure to embarrass the Federal Government and highlight its total disregard for indigenous Australians, an Aboriginal woman is seeking refugee status oversees. Ms Mingli Wanjurri has had enough of the red-necked comments concerning the extinguishment of native title. Pauline Hanson's One Notion party was the final straw. It is possible Ms Wanjurri will be granted refugee status in another country.