To wik to bloody woo!

In a surprise move, that is sure to thwart Kerry Packer's attempt to own Fairfax by Christmas, a consortium of Aboriginal interest groups is planning to launch a surprise bid on Fairfax.

Led by the millionaire Aboriginal artist, Eddie Burrap, the group is keen to grab a controlling slice of Fairfax and make sure the newspaper remains in Australian hands.

Sickened by the recent debate on native title, the reclusive Eddie Burrap has come out fighting. He said he put together the plan after hearing of John Howard's meeting with Kerry Packer.

"When John Howard meets with Kerry Packer, he hints at a deal that could involve the relaxing of cross-media rules. Yet, when Mr Howard consults with Aboriginal groups he hints at a 10-point plan that will lead to the extinguishment of native title", said Mr Burrup.

"Much is said about the way ATSIC has abused their funds but not a bloody word is mentioned about the diesel fuel rebate which costs the taxpayers billions of dollars, and which loses millions of dollars a year in fraudulent claims by farmers!"

ATSIC chairman Gatjil Djerrkura is delighted with Mr Burrap's plan. "The Government can legislate as much as it likes", he said in a recent interview. "The land is not going to go away. It will always be there --- and so will we.

"It is obvious that whatever the outcome of Mr Howard's 10-point plan Aborigines will be worse off. This is nothing more than a blatant land grab designed to help a few wealthy farmers and foreigners at the expense of Australian tax payers".

In spite of the Prime Minister's recent condemnation of all she stands for, support for Pauline Hanson and her One Notion Loonies is surging ahead --- fuelled no doubt, by their demands for total extinguishment of native title.

Although why she wants to hand 6.1 million hectares of Australian land to the Sultan of Brunei is anyone's guess.

The support given to her by the National Party is astounding. Could the Nationals be getting ready to campaign under the slogan

at the next election?

More than one senior National Party figure has been voicing support for the Hanson movement. With support for Mr Fischer dropping rapidly, and National Party dissatisfaction with the Howard 10-point Wik plan, it would not take much for them to break with the Liberals and form a coalition with One Notion. It is no secret that a lot of what Pauline stands for is National Party policy.

With Liberal defector David Oldfield as her chief advisor, Pauline is ready for her march on Canberra.

John Howard is threatening a double dissolution if his 10-point land grab is not accepted, so this could be sooner than expected.