Has support for Pauline reached rock bottom

The strangest bits of mail pass through Rocket. This latest bit of fluff dumped in our inbox seems to suggest that support for Pauline Hanson is indeed beginning to fall. We should warn you however, that what you are about to see may be disturbing to some viewers.

Students, tired of protesting against the latest education cuts have gone back to doing what they are good at. Namely, being radical, controversial.

Their tongue in cheek statement would also seem to suggest a desire to play the ball and not the person.

It would appear that the etched, glass plate outside Pauline Hanson's parliament office has been liberated. The alternative, that some one passed through a tattoo parlour, doesn't bare thinking about.

According to our reliable sources, this image, courtesy of White Butt and Yeti, is also available as a postcard and a poster. For all we know, it could soon be finding its way onto coffee mugs and T shirts.

The question that springs most readily to the lips of most people is probably: "Butt why?"