Tax reform hits the GST spot!

Dr Ruth Westheimer, the world's most famous sex therapist better known simply as, Dr Ruth, is in Sydney.

Dr Ruth, who has been invited to Sydney by a nervous Government backbench concerned by the Prime Minister's tax plan, and subsequent behaviour, is certainly not shy when it comes to speaking her mind.

Dr Ruth with John Howard

In an interview, Dr Ruth revealed that, after John Howard reneged on his "never ever" pledge to Australians and came up with his tax reform package, she had been consulted by a few alarmed backbenchers.

"It was quite obvious to me," said Dr Ruth. "The Prime Minister is suffering from a classic case of GST envy. It is really quite common, but it is rare for it to manifest itself so late in one's life".

"Although when you look at it more closely, this has obviously been on the Prime Minister's mind for the last 20 years. Probably ever since he first saw Paul Keating's own GST back in 1985. The size of it would have had an enormous impact on his impressionable mind".

"This lingering condition would have worsened over the years. Remember, he is in a very difficult environment. I believe the New Zealand Government is very proud of their GST, and it has been growing ever since they introduced it. And of course, they are now led by a woman. This could be regarded as a severe blow to John Howard's ego, and serve to exasperate his latent condition. It shows in the tax reform package he has released".

"It is interesting that, rather than play ball with his peers, and take on the Labor Party, the Prime Minister's tax reform policy pits him against welfare groups and the church. This is nothing more than schoolyard, bully-boy behaviour and quite commonly used to compensate for an inadequate package.

"Unfortunately, this testosterone rot is spreading through the Government ranks, as they continue their attacks on the less privileged. The Social Security Minister, Jocelyn Newman, has already dismissed criticism from the country's leading welfare group, the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), as lacking in credibility because it was "put together with a few calculators in a backroom in Redfern".

"Another Liberal has lashed out at church leaders suggesting they need to decide whether they are socialists or churchmen".

"And of course now the Prime Minister wants to prove his GST is bigger than anybody else's. It will also include food! Even the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which is strongly in favour of a consumption tax agrees food should possibly be left alone!"

"It is obvious that this so called GST reform is nothing more than a bit of pandering to the bigger boys in town, while those less well endowed will be worse off".

"The Greens and Democrats, unlike the Labor Party have a much more holistic atittude to the problem. They are not put off by their small size, and are quite aware that it is not the size of your tax base that matters. It's how you use it. Unfortunately, it appears no Australian government has been able to do anything more than play with it in public".

"Don't be fooled by the Governments offer to provide compensation to the less fortunate. Once the Government has successfully inserted their GST into the economy, they will drive it in hard. It can only get bigger and bigger. On the other hand, they, in a position of power, will be able to remove any safety precautions whenever they feel like it".

"Make no mistake, if the Prime Minister's GST does not screw the whole country, it will at the very least give every Australian a huge headache. Unfortunately, over-the-counter medicine like aspirin will cost a lot more".