PM raps Pauline over the knuckles

The rumour mill here at Rocket has been buzzing lately. From the reports we have been receiving it would appear that the PM has finally decided to pull Pauline Hanson into line.

Is this because of her outspoken views on racism? Is it because she has traded blows with none other than the Malaysian Prime Minister and champion of human rights and equality, Dr Mahathir?

For those who haven't yet heard. Dr Mahathir described Pauline Hanson as "... a little bit moronic", and "... a person of little consequence..." Pauline, who now has her finger firmly on the race button fired back. Accusing Dr Mahathir of talking through his hat, she also firmly pointed out that Malaysia treats its Chinese and Indian population as second class citizens.

Further reports indicate the indigenous people of Malaysia receive little comfort, help or protection from the government - in Sarawak, the Penan are losing their traditional lifestyle and culture. Unless you are a Malay national you have no chance of holding a top government or military position, and you cannot conduct a business in Malaysia without a Malay business partner.

But no, it is not Ms Hanson's prominence on the international stage that has the Prime Minister fuming. It appears it is her taste in interior decorating that has made him see red. Not satisfied with just hosing down her etched glass name-plate, Pauline decided to invoke a more homely atmosphere in her parliamentary office.

Showing herself to be a thrifty fish and chip shop proprietor, Pauline merely moved all her battered home furnishings to her parliamentary office. In this simple way, she succeeded in created a pleasing, homely atmosphere in her office. Unfortunately, this left her own home a little bare. So, using what was left of her furnishing allowance (a shade on the wrong side of $20,000), she apparently redecorated her home with the latest furniture from the Freedom catalogue.