Pauline for PM?

Forget about the senate. This girl has her eyes on the top job, and like Bronwyn Bishop before her, she no doubt firmly believes it to be in her grasp. After all if a grocers daughter could make it to the top in England, why shouldn't a fish and chip shop lady make it to the lodge in Australia?

Believe it or not, there is a grass roots movement to install Pauline Hanson as Prime Minister of Australia. Fortunately, her fish and chip shop has not yet provided her with the financial might of Ross Perot, but her supporters are determined to give her all the help they can.

Ever since her "I have a Bream" maiden speech, she has been receiving encouragement. The Pauline Hanson Support Movement apparently boasts at least 28 branches around the country. Each, no doubt well stocked with T-shirts, bumper stickers, posters and photocopies of her maiden speech.

A quick search of the net turns up some surprising results

Over at the Pauline for PM site, they even go so far as to suggest Franca Arena as an ideal running mate. Well, actually they go a lot further. Even suggesting a few things that should be tested by referenda. But you can read it there for yourself.

The following message from Jeff Hill who runs the Pauline for PM site will give you some idea of what to expect:

"You are stupid idiot. I hate aborigines because they are not intellegent and drunk every time. Also they are aggresive and dirty. %They dont like migrants because they think migrants including white astralians are occupants. That is it.

student of TAFE"

At the Pauline Hanson Cybershrine they are trying their best to at least beautify the message of Pauline. They could however, just be dazzling you with the proverbial bullshit.

The Pauline Hanson is a Flathead site quite obviously speaks for itself.

Once you have finished looking at the PH value of these sites, you may want to have your say. Well, you get the chance to cast your vote, for or against her views, at the Pauline Hanson on-line Refferndum (sic). When I last looked Pauline was not doing so well, but then voting at this site is not compulsory! And most of her supporters have probably not realised that you can, in the great democratic tradition, go back and vote as many times as you like.