One Nation Infighting Mode

Pauline Hanson is claiming victory in her attempt to dump her former advisor David Oldfield for conspiring with former One Nation national director David Ettridge to secretly register two rival political parties.

Ms Hanson also revealed she was unperturbed by the suggested threat of legal action by David Oldfield.

"David can stare at the party's constitution as much as he likes. He has been dumped from the One Nation national executive and that is that. I have no time for disloyalty and he was thrown out," she said.

Mr Oldfield --- one of only two One Nation MPs insists it is all just a silly misunderstanding.

"The purpose of forming these parties --- No-GST and No Nuclear Waste --- was to swap preferences and increase One Nations support at the next election. We are planning to field candidates in state and federal elections for both parties", Mr Oldfield said.

"The reason for all the secrecy is nothing as sinister as Pauline suggests. We were just making sure no one else would steal our idea. I am surprised no other politician thought of doing something like this before."

The parties do not have any members as yet, but Mr Oldfield has insisted he would resign once they have the necessary 500 members.

Mr Oldfield is counting on good sense prevailing, but this could be unlikely. Pauline Hanson has gone on the attack, accusing her former advisor of trying to grab control of the party she founded.

"I have always believed there has to be democracy, but David Oldfield believes he wishes to run this party," she thundered at a meeting of the national executive. "Well, I have got news for David Oldfield --- he is not the only one capable of using his position to form political parties."

Ms Hanson went on the reveal that she has lost none of her political nous.

At a meeting with Senator Len Harris --- the only other One Nation MP --- they had decided to form two political parties of their own. The No David Oldfield and No Upper-House parties have since been registered.

"Any fool can see that this country is over governed," said Ms Hanson. "I will not go so far as to say they are unelected swill, but state governments don't need a senate --- Queensland has proved that.

"I am confident we will get a lot more support for our two parties then David will get for his. I am sure the national executive will support us."

Ms Hanson disagreed that getting rid of the senate would damage One Nation's chances of getting candidates elected. "Good politicians would have no problem getting elected," she said. "I have done it before and I will do it again.

"I have been labeled a racist, but this is not true. I believe in equality for all.

"The money that is saved by getting rid of this useless layer of politicians will be spent on health and education for all Australians regardless of their colour.

"I have learnt a lot in the last few years. It was hard losing my seat, but working as an advisor to Senator Harris has given me a new perspective. I do not need to engage in a popularity contest with former advisors. All this infighting just destroys our credibility. I don't know how the bigger parties survive it.

"I see that David Ettridge is still in control of these two bogus parties so there is no guarantee One Nation will get any of the preferences anyway. I see the whole set-up as a sham. Besides, after the last election no one trusts the two Davids anymore --- any party with either of them at the head just wouldn't have a hope in hell."