Media Manipulation

Just when you thought all the interest in Pauline Hanson was dying down, she discovers a way of grabbing headline attention without saying a single racist word.

She simply fired her chief advisor, John Pasquarelli and his merry little helper, Jeffry Babb. This kept her in the headlines for days. And now her ousted advisors have returned the favour by hitting her with unfair dismissal claims.

Rest assured, her "former advisor" will still be doing his best to ensure Pauline's name appears somewhere in every Australian newspaper from now until the next election.

Apparently this little fall out is all over their plans to run a Senate ticket at the next election. But support for Ms Hanson among the "blue-rinse set", who hanker for a return to the good old days, and their own misspent youth, inspired by the likes of, Fats Waller and Josephine Baker, remains as strong as ever.

The loony far-right led by Bruce Whiteside (yes, that is his name) are right behind her all the way, feeding off her high media profile as they launch Pauline Hanson Support Groups across the nation. Soon they hope to cut a path through Australia's multi-cultural heartland.

Of course Pauline may still have the last laugh, the little bit of nationalistic pride she has stirred up in Bingo Halls and RSL Clubs across the country may still carry her across the finish line in her quest for power. No doubt, she is even heartened by the success of Mr Peters and his New Zealand First Party.

Like Pauline, Mr Peters was also ousted and left in the political wilderness. He started his own political party and returned four years later to claim one of the top posts in New Zealand Politics. He managed to do it by galvanising support from both the white middle-class as well as Maori nationalists, as he promised to cut immigration and curb foreign investment.

So, expect to see a less racist Pauline Hanson in future, as she tries to blend in with all those other successful, radical, conservatives who make up the female portion of Australian politics. Bronwyn Bishop is probably experienced enough to give Pauline some advice. She is solid, upright, well placed and unmoving. And that is just her hair!

Over at Sydney's New Theatre in Newtown Merry Christmas Pauline Hanson continues to pull in the crowds even though the theatre almost went up in flames. At this stage it is not known if the budding arsonists where pro or anti Pauline. One way or another, it will be closing soon. So if you are planning to see it you better hurry up.

Nando's chicken restaurant chain have jumped on the multi-cultural bandwagon with their advertising campaign.

They have stuck up a billboard right outside Ms Hanson's fish and chips shop promoting chickens for all Australians.

But why are they trying to imply that we are all "white"? Could it be because they are owned by South Africans?

The agency responsible describes it as "Commercialism with a conscience", and they fully expect the board to be vandalised. And so it should be. Their subtle, we are all "white on the inside" message, is nothing but commercial imperialism and should not be allowed to go unchallenged.