Police Lose Morale Launch Manhunt

SYDNEY Australia | Police Minister Michael Costa today issued a police identikit photo of the man believed to be responsible for the rising crime wave gripping NSW.

Identikit image of suspect
Identikit image of suspect wanted for questioning.

Statistics show an increase in crime committed in NSW over the past 6 years. Murders, sex assaults, gang violence have increased throughout the state.

Police are confident they have now identified the person believed to be responsible for all this crime.

Other offences like muggings, car theft, daylight robbery, bribery and corruption have also increased dramatically and police would like to interview this man.

He is also believed to be responsible for the loss of a number of police stations, cutting police numbers and destroying officer morale.

Police are keen to start investigating as soon as they can find an office to work from.

Based on eyewitness reports police put together an indentikit likeness of the person they believe responsible.

Described as a "smooth-talking, privileged, middle-aged Caucasian with a stiff upper lip", police believe he may be trying to flee the country.

"We would like to increase police patrols around airports, but unfortunately a large number of officers appear to have gone missing " said acting Police Commissioner, Ken Moroney. "This is all beginning to look like a very carefully orchestrated operation. At the moment we cannot rule out the possibility it was an inside job".

Police believe the suspect, code named Ryan, may have already booked a flight, possibly to Athens and have alerted security at the nations airports to be on the lookout for the suspect.

Regional Commanders have been ordered to find ways of putting more police on to the case.

Ryan, is not believed to be armed or particularly dangerous to civilians, however he may easily have picked up a gun or rocket launcher.

"Guns can be sent to anyone in Australia and accidentally delivered by Australia Post", Mr Moroney said.

With an election just around the corner the "hands on" Police Minister was keen to be seen to be doing something about it.

"Well, I have already discussed and canvassed the issue extensively on talkback radio and come to the conclusion that is it necessary for me to do something about it. I have released this picture of the man we believe responsible for the fear gripping Sydney streets."

Opposition leader John Brogden immediately called for the Police Minister to resign. "In spite of Costa's interference, numerous inquiries and investigations the government has failed to stamp out corruption in the police force."

Brogden also went on to demand the Police Minister reveal if he had in fact had any contact with the alleged suspect.

Brogden demanded to know if rumours that Mr Costa was seen handing over a brown paper bag containing $455,000 in unmarked bank notes to the suspect were true. "The people of this state deserve an answer," Brogden said.

A spokesperson for the Mr Costa dismissed the allegations as rubbish. "The Minister has no idea who the suspect is and the idea that he may have had a meeting with him is ludicrous. He doesn't even know his phone number. We are not in the habit of talking to criminals."

A person resembling the suspect was recently seen walking among high-ranking police officers and civilians outside the NSW police headquarters in College Street.

Police investigations are continuing