Grandmother Steals Crap From Web

Who is this middle aged grandmother spending her twilight years dabbling in web design and left wing theatre.

According to Susanna's Soap Box, she has led a varied and lucky life.

"I've had a lucky life, all things considered and managed to bring up a tribe of kids, travel around, work in the fields of education, social work and community development, pick up three degrees, support my union and the BLF, and make many enduring friendships.

"As Secretary of Community Radio Federation for many years till 1995, I also had the pleasure of meeting and forming alliances with some of the best people of the 20th century.

"Ted Bull, Harry Daniher, Arthur Scargill, Marco Masterson. Zelda D'Aprano had me catching trams and paying two thirds of the fare, Seamus Mcgettigan opened my eyes and heart to my forbears and Celtic culture, Joan Coxedge gave me oratory lessons and Norm Gallagher was a mentor in difficult times.

"Sadly Ted, Harry, Marco, Seamus and Normie are no longer with us. Such Trade Union Leaders are a thing of the past, we won't see their like again.

"For the past 4 years I have been caring for my granddaughter, now aged 4, and enjoying myself at 3CR. This year I concentrated on improving my skills at web design and joined Keep Left Theatre."

Unfortunately her web design skills involve cutting and pasting content from other web sites without a care in the world for the original creators.

This article, about John Howard and cheap beer, appearing on Susanna's Soap Box appears to have been lifted straight from the pages of The Chaser.

Another humorous piece about John Howard's Deal With Nauru, comes from the pages of Workers Online, who in turn got it from The Chaser.

At least Workers Online acknowledge the original source. Something which appears to have slipped Susanna's mind.

Not content with assimilating Australian content, this doyen of community radio has embraced the Internet with alacrity.

It can be difficult to tell exactly where Susanna's Soap Box gets stories from. This article, about Sony digitally enhancing audiences, can be found both on Desperate Times and Spinner.

SatireWire, one of the most popular sites on the Internet is unlikely to be impressed to see their article reappearing on Susanna's Soap Box.

Try as I might I cannot see any attempt to attribute the original source or even a link back to the original article.

It is not as if Susanna's Soap Box is totally devoid of good intentions.

They have their own Award Programme that seeks "to recognise the long hard work and creative ability of building your own site and encourage a continuation of that development by giving out awards".

Susanna's Soap Box could start that process by recognising the hard work these other sites have put in and give them the credit they deserve!

Then again, perhaps they could just list themselves in their list of Parasites, leeches, rorters and bludgers.

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