Impressive Results From Spam

John Thomas says he never took any notice when the emails first started appearing.

"I never even read them," he said. "I just deleted them as soon as I saw that word. Then I was off sick for a few days and I read a few of them. Just for a laugh. I mean I didn't take it seriously. After a while I thought yeah, maybe it does work. I mean, they have a web site and everything. And the pictures were amazing. Not that I look at that sort of thing usually."

Thomas stressed he didn't have any problems with size or performance but "anything can be improved, I mean, can't it?".

What started off as a few daily exercises slowly turned into a serious commitment. Each time he was tempted to give up he was encouraged by the web-sites, which kept billing access fees to his Visa card, to stick with the program for another two weeks. Eventually his perseverance paid off.

"I was suddenly surprised by the strength of my member," he said. "It was muscular looking and had increased firmness and tone just like the ads promised."

Thomas claimed his self image improved once he saw the results. He even started going to gym again and was not embarrassed when he saw other guys checking him out.

Thomas started his first exercise program on 13 June 1999, never missed any of the exercises and religiously recorded the length of his weapon which soon increased from six inches (16cm) to seven inches (18cm). The diameter also improved from five inches (14cm) to six inches (16cm).

These results from first hand experience were hard to ignore. He set himself the goal of achieving 10 inches (25cm) which advertising claimed was possible in six months.

Impatient to succeed, Thomas was tempted to try other Internet products as well. "The advertising just poured into my Ozemail account," he said.

According to Thomas, he was eventually taking five different sorts of pills, using four different development oils, doing three different sets of exercises and chanting the ancient tribal uncoiling serpent mantra daily.

It worked and he soon celebrated a full eight inches (21cm). Not only had his happy hamster increased dramatically in size, but improved circulation had led to the head increasing in diameter as well. Accompanying this was more enjoyment with every hyper-sensitive stroke.

"The increased surface area meant that just simply patting my pet was mind blowing and almost better than the real thing," said Thomas.

"I was so proud when I realised that from now on bikinis were out and boxers in. Then my jeans became too tight as well."

Thomas found it confusing that in spite of enormous progress, his partner lost interest. In an effort to satisfy her he worked harder on the exercises and increased his pill intake.

He stopped worrying about his partner because as his penis became larger and larger Thomas found himself in great demand elsewhere.

He did adverts for web companies and emailed pictures of his success for them to use on their sites.

But eventually Thomas realised that he had a problem and might need professional help. "I was hooked," he said. "I was a penis enhancement junkie and would spend 48 hours in a row just stretching and stroking. I lost interest in real food and wanted more and more P. E. supplements"

"Eventually even cargo pants were not baggy enough to cope with it," he said, "and besides, no one wears them anymore."

Thomas is now forced to wear a kaftan and is too embarrassed to leave his home except after dark.

He has separated from his partner, lives alone, and has started PEA (Penis Enhancers Anonymous), a recovery and support group. He has a web site and maintains regular contact with others in the group.

Former friends who described Thomas as a bit of a dickhead, say he has now turned into a complete and utter prick.

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