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Baton down the hatches!

SOCOG, the Sydney Organising Committee of the rich and famous, who are running the Sydney Olympic Games, are putting traffic officers to shame in their quest for money to fund this little sporty shindig --- and pay their exorbitant salaries.

Not content with launching their own grossly overpriced, official range of "Australian made" socks and underwear bearing the Sydney 2000 Olympic logo, they are threatening to sue anyone using anything vaguely resembling a boomerang as a corporate image.

First to feel their wrath is veteran anti-battery hen campaigner Pam Clarke. Incidently, she was also the first to see the Sydney 2000 logo for what it really is --- a rather sad looking hen. Pam decided, with a few modifications, the logo would be ideal to promote her campaign to ban the battery cage by the year 2000.

As Pam Clarke, an acclaimed Tasmanian artist said, "When I first saw the logo on television I couldn't believe my eyes. It appeared so trite. At first I could not make sense of the symbols but as it was explained I saw the intended figure. My eye kept running over the image to try and find some satisfaction and then an unhappy hen facing left appeared. After this I could not readjust my vision to the figure and I believe it is the profile of a hen that dominates visually and induces the eye to rest upon it more easily."

SOCOG are now threatening to sue Pam Clarke for unauthorised use of their logo. Meanwhile major Australian companies are paying big money to associate themselves with a logo that looks more and more like a very sad hen.

The Sydney Olympic logo is no stranger to controversy. Soon after it was officially launched, a group of advertising sisters took to the newspapers with gusto claiming that their ideas had been stolen. Apparently, they had submitted a similar logo for a previous Olympic design only to have it rejected. Now suddenly boomerangs ---but not reconciliation --- were in, and they couldn't understand why they missed out.

The committee claimed that everyone and their dog submitted designs based on boomerangs. Now that someone is using a design of boomerangs that looks remarkable like a very sad hen, they are getting their tail feathers ruffled.

Not content with claiming Aboriginal land it seems white Australia wants to claim their icons as well. Typically, every one seems to be against Aboriginals, except when it comes to taking something from them for nothing. What a strange state of affairs.

Pam Clarke has already spent 80 days in jail, including one 44-day stretch, but is adamant the anti-battery hen campaign will go on.

Here at Rocket, we are proud to support Pam Clarke in her campaign and urge you to copy the Freedom 2000 logo and stick it up on you web site with a link back to Rocket as a sign of your support.

Already about 200 T-shirts bearing the Freedom 2000 logo have been sold --- more are being printed. Order yours and wear it proudly because you will be in good company. Not only are major companies paying big for the privilege of associating themselves with the Freedom 2000 campaign, but Richard Jones MLC (NSW Parliament) has ordered several of the shirts to wear at Parliament House! It is heartening to know that there are still a few sensible politicians around.

As usual here at Rocket we encourage you to have your say. Email your messages to Rocket and let others know what you think!