Let them eat fish!

Both major political parties appear to have done a deal that will effectively witness the political demise of Pauline Hanson at the next general election.

By making sure that they put her last on the preferential system, she has almost no chance of being re-elected to federal parliament.

No chance, unless she wins an outright majority, which, given that a considerable number of everyday Australians agree with her, is not as far fetched as it sounds.

However it is more likely she will take the easier option of moving to the Senate, where most of the lunatic fringe in Australia Politics end up.

Is it any wonder that the forner Prime Minister referred to them as swill!

Australia no doubt needs a new political party. Particularly a political party that those on the extreme right of the political scene can rally around. May I suggest that they call themselves the Clueless Class Clan Party. After all Pauline Hanson has shown herself to be totally ignorant, not only of the diverse cultures that make up Australia but also, of her own cultural heritage.

Australians are renowned for the "Tall Poppy Syndrome". If someone appears to be getting a little to big for their own good, you can rest assured Australians will cut them down to size.

Pauline seems to have the concept in reverse. She has picked on the most vulnerable in our society and proceeded to stomp her well heeled foot on their toes for no reason whatsoever... except perhaps that it’s so much easier to kick a person when they are down… and she’s now assured of a healthy Parliamentary Members salary and all of the associated perks of office for the next couple of years at least.

She appears to have done very well for a professional fish batterer.

Although to be fair she has a lot more in her sights than Aboriginal welfare or Asian migration. This purveyor of deep-fried, marine delights extraordinaire, is right up there with taxi drivers, late night radio talkback callers and others whose simplistic opinions owe more to an overly profound interpretation of the Sunday comics than to informed debate.

Having graduated from the School of Hard Knocks she is no doubt well qualified to express her views on big business (bad), economists (bad), the United Nations (proto-world government - bad), foreign aid (shameless exploitation of wealthy countries by poverty-stricken ones, ie bad), unemployment (the fault of those without jobs, ie bad) and family breakdown (an evil homosexual conspiracy, ie bad).

Latest reports indicate that she is getting help from some surprising quarters. Former West Australian Liberal Senator Mr Noel Crichton-Browne, amongst them. He was expelled from the Liberal Party about a year ago. Not only that but he was alleged to be quite a batterer of sorts himself. Recently one of her other little helpers was mentioned in relation to accusations of sexual harassment.

Also lending a friendly helping hand is former Australian Labor Party (now independent) member for Kalgoorlie (the world’s biggest electorate - most of Western Australia, actually), Graham Campbell. Did he sleep through her maiden speech ?

And she wonders why the major parties are joining forces against her! She defends herself by claiming to voice the concerns of mainstream Australia. One cannot but ask, to what end?