Pauline Hanson

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011



Im so proud that you are coming back, been waiting for a long time. You also show that even though you were beaten, crucified by all that feared you, you believe in your mission. You are one brave, courageous spirited woman. All the issues you raise are what a lot of people are thinking and want to act on without being “racist” (that word intrigues me”). Will vote always for you.



Thursday, 10 March 2011



Sick of all the ungrateful, arrogant, sleezy illegal immigrants and thankless greasy illegal queue jumping boat people coming here.?

Sick of these ungrateful greasy "illegals" taking our hospitality, food, money and housing when there are aussies homeless and hungry ?

Sick of these sleezy, lazy "illegals" not working, just sitting around on their "asses" and complaining and "bludging" off hard working honest Aussies ?

Tired of listening to all the "bullshit" from Julia Gillard the communist, atheist , adulteress and liar and her idiot incompetant government?

Tired of the stupid greens and their "queer" leader Bob Brown illegally running our country with "blackmail" ?

A quote from Pauline Hansen.."if I have the right to choose who enters my home, I should have the right to choose who enters my country"

THEN VOTE FOR PAULINE HANSEN, GUARANTEED, SHE WILL CLEAN OUR COUNTRY UP and "piss-off" and deport all the "bludgers"...


Updated Sunday, 22 March 2009


It appears they have done it again to Pauline.

The nude phots certainly didnt help but hang in there your the type of person we need to keep em honest. Hope she sues and wins against the news paper that published the photos and takes em to the cleaners.

Seems they didnt even check facts and now say the person who gave them the photos was a con man whos calling who black




I just have a few short things to say I have just returned to Australia from the UK after travelling the world for six years and working around and I have come to one conclusion (MAKE PAULINE HANSON PRIME MINISTER OF AUSTRALIA BEFORE ITS TO LATE)

Thank you



I was living on Thursday Island at the time ......a black hole that the Government just keeps tipping money into .. ....doesn't work !!
She said it as it was.....and still is !

She had the guts to get up there and say what a huge amount of Australians still think today fact she was totally correct !!

Also she frightened the crapp out of other mincing politicians....on both sides !! and they set out to destroy her because they were terrified !!

Good for her....she has taken the worst kind of enmity from the system name it !!

I admire her for her tenacity and what she believes .....aren't we supposed to be a country that is democratic and aren't we supposed to have freedom of speech ??

She has the courage of her convictions......which is more than most of us Australian !!!!
Her views are totally which I agree with.....but she hit the nail on the head with most Aussies in the northern part of Australia......

City dwellers have no bloody idea !!!!!!!!!



Pauline for PM YESTERDAY!!!!




I maintain that Puline Hanson when she came on the scene years ago she gave the governments of Australia one hell of a shake up.

Made them sit up and take notice of where the counntry was heading.
I still maintain that we allowed too many migrants into this country.

With this mixed culture we are going to see immense strife in this country with rioting ec with one nationality against another.

It is happening now like some of the Sydney suburbs
Even the so called backwater Adelaide now has crime upon crime.
Ever taken notice of the surnames of the majority of offenders.

Who brought this country to its knees with the drug situation. other crimes we never experienced in this country in my youth.

All unknown.

We may not see it , our children may not see it but our later generations will see blood shed and fighting on the streets of our once beautiful counntry.

In closing may I state that I am NOT racist. Just let them stay in their own country, dont bring them out here to take away our jobs from our own youth. etc.

Go Pauline.