Pauline Hanson
The Merchandise

See the scripts that Hollywood rejected and follow the weakly adventures of Xenaphobe, mighty worrier princess.

The Pauline Hanson cross your heart,
lift and separate brassiere


Pauline Hanson: The Truth

A Great Australian White Whine!
Hanson's Folly
Available exclusively from Rocket.
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extra strength toilet paper

The White Butt and Yeti postcard

The Hanson Christmas card



Industrial strength, all-purpose, household cleaner removes unsightly stains, cleans toilet bowls and washes your whites whiter than white

One Notion --- One Position
An appropriate yoga exercise for One Notion loonies searching for their inner selves.

idea and artwork Bill Keneley


The blossoming of Pauline Hitler by Joanna

The Blossoming of Pauline Hitler
animated gif courtesy of Joanna.


From the original One Notion party launch

Coming Soon --- The all new "HANSONITE"
D.I.Y. home insulation kit.


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