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Time Line

March 2
Wins seat of Oxley in House of Reps

September 10
Hanson makes headlines with her maiden speech

March 6
Finalises sale of Fish and Chip shop

March 28
Not in parliament for debate on anti-racism resolution

October 1
Claims One Nation solicited bribes from candidates in federal election

August 27
Court finds One Nation started with misrepresentation and fraud

May 19
Deregistration of One Nation in NSW

November 11
One Nation Pty Ltd assets frozen

November 29
One Nation NSW branch struck off political register

December 4
Allegations Hanson rorted travel entitlements as staffer for One Nation Senator Les Harris


It's not Hanson, says expert

Wed, 18 March 2009

Pauline hanson. It's not meA forensic anatomist has analysed a pastel drawing claimed to be of a young and semi-naked Pauline Hanson - and delivered this verdict: "It is just not her."

"That is not me in that drawing," said Ms Hanson - who is planning legal action against media outlets.

"I truly believe this is another attempt to keep me away from the floor of parliament," said Ms Hanson, who is standing as an independent in the Queensland state poll on 21 March 2009.

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Pauline Hanson in parliament

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Pauline Hanson, owner of a fish-and-chip shop and one time independent member of Australia's federal parliament, rose to infamy after her maiden speech.

Undeterred by the low turnout in Parliament to hear her chat, she launched a broadside at just about everyone who did not fit the typical "Aussie battler" mould.

Although she prudently managed to avoid mentioning Jews, Blacks, inner-city dwelling Homosexuals or pool-playing Lesbians.

The wide-spread media coverage following the event helped put Oxley on the map and ensured her a place on talkback radio.

Pauline, spurred on by political advisors and voter support went on to form her very own political party.

After a short hiatus, a few minor mishaps and an election Pauline was out of a job and her One Nation Party was deregistered.

Now she is back.

Only this time she is threatening to kick the bastards out!


Pauline Hanson


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