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What people are saying about Jeff

People would have to be joking that Jeff's son Angus is good looking..
He woud be more at home modeliing bridles and horse accessories, becuase he looks like a horses head...
But that doesnt surprise me being a Kennett, considering his parents just love the limelight.
His mum is no chop, prostituting from one corporation to another corporation be it either BMW or the Geelong football club, and his Dad well what can I say...
All his mates that he helped when he was premier, especially uncle Lloyd williams givinh him the Crown Casino.....
I wonder if I can get a guernsey on Uncle Lloyd's golf course, but then again I aint Jeff's kids...

The Kennetts are a true model for prostituting themselves to get to the next level......
And as for Jeff suggesting Gus(horses head) should try modelling, I have a guess it was more so his mother.
He started at the Melbourne Fashion festival a couple of years ago..
Well who happens to be the major sponsor for MFW.

YOU GUESSED IT...... BMW...... What a coincidence....

Good luck to him, as surely the Kennets genes have well and truly followed him....

People often can't understand how Jeff Kennett got into power? Anyone remember the Labor years of the 80's? The Tri-continental disaster? Pyramid building society? The PEOPLE voted Jeff and the Libs in on a land slide, because he represented the leadership Victorian's wanted. People complain that he sold off our assets. He wouldn't have had to if his predecesors had allowed them to become bloated and un-competitive Nationally and internationally. In fact, if it weren't for Labor's appalling handling of
Supply, Jeff wouldn't have been needed.

But thank god we needed him.
Victoria as the most liveable city? Definetly.
Victoria on the move? Yes, up until September 18, 1999
Victoria the place to be? Once, not now.

If only everywhere could be Jeff-ed, I'd happily move to be under his

Jeff was the best thing that even happened to Victoria, and indeed, Australian politics as a whole. Victorians were too concered with what they perceived as Jeff's arrogance - i call it true leadership. Doing what you know is right, despite the consequences. I moved out of Victoria, and Australia, when we lost Jeff. The day he wins the Prime Ministership, i'll move home. Until then...

Lisa Lang

For Jeff loved Victoria so much that he gave himself, so that everyone who believes in him may have eternal wealth. Jeff 3:16

I bet Jeff is pissed off, that he will not get his bronzed statue at 1 Treasury Place, and that John Cain was in power for longer than him.

On a serious note it will take years of hard work to undo the damage Jeff has done to our state. eg Privatised Power & Gas. The mind set of investing in the population rather than running up big surpluses.

The smaller the conscience the greater the leader or so it would seem. Even Hitler would have been impressed with Jeff's ability to sleep at night!!

Hi hotstuff-JEFF Everytime I think of you I get a raging hard-on. You are my bottomless jar of Viagra. God bless you Jeff. yours erotically Mr Liberal voter with a great hair style.


Hi brother! I just want to say that I have been On Your Side since I learned that there is or was an "Anti- Kennett web Site!" What crap! We Kennetts gotta stick together and if I could find their URL again I would complain sourly.

Best to you,
Frank S. Kennett Wisconsin!

Jeff, you da man!!!

How could you take that painting! You of all people should know that Victoria will need every asset it has left when the Liberals come back to power and have to hold another fire sale to pay for the Labour party's stupidity. Unions rising, Dockland's in confusion, Federation square fumbled, Labour, we missed you! AL

Okay, Jeff Bashers, where are you now?

Victoria, having suffered for way too long under Cain and Kirner, has a Labor government yet again. And yet again we have unions holding us to ransom, crippling us with strikes that even the union leaders say would never have happened while Kennett was in power. And you said it was Jeff's power that made him intolerable. And power really is an issue now we have endured the hottest week in February without the electricity to keep us cool, to keep our kids, our elderly and infirm comfortable, to keep industry functioning, to keep small businesses active enough to pay wages and superannuation and workcover and rent and, and, and...

But the unions say they never would have hurt us like this while Jeff was in charge. And all Thwaites could say when confronted by this statement of fact was that, because of that Federal (Liberal) tyrant Peter Reith, the Victorian (Labor) Government does not have the power to intervene on our behalf. The fact that Jeff would never have hidden behind such a ridiculous interpretation of Industrial Relations laws and protocol is irrelevant. It's a funny thing to learn in retrospect: that the man everyone loved to hate was the one man commanding the respect of even the toughest unions as this state's negotiator and champion of the people. With a little help from the ever-biased media, however, the voters are steered away from such reflections on what we have lost by putting our collective future in the hands of Kirner's protégé and helpmate. Indeed we are left with the bittersweet sensation of empathy for our state's political figurehead. At the end of the day, Steve Bracks was powerless, just like us!

And so, in unity, we all suffered this week, and so many among us will suffer for many months to come from the long-term ramifications of lost trade, lost income and lost confidence. But you won't be blaming Bracks and his government. They're on our side, it's just that they don't have the power to fix things the way Jeff did. If all those pro-Labor journalists have anything to do with it, Bracks will be remembered only for getting the air-conditioners back on again, not for throwing his hands in the air and crying about Federal policies while we sweated through the hottest part of the hottest days and strained to see our growing mounds of work in half-lit rooms. And of course he'll be honoured as the man who uncovered that terrible scandal (a secret kept hidden even from him, the Premier!) about a fair amount of the electricity saved during our restricted usage being sold on to another state - instead of being condemned as the fool who didn't do his homework and realise that such information was at his disposal all along as a matter of political/state utilities protocol.

I can only hope that, once Bracks' reign is over, there will still be some of us left in this state (I certainly know a lot of Victorians who were ready to pack up and move interstate or overseas the moment the Labor was voted in) to remember the Golden Days of Victoria and rebuild the prosperity and international respect that nasty old Jeff had put in place for sweet and humble Steve to demolish. Maybe, just maybe, Napthine will come through in time and charm the media into showing people like you how tragic a position we are all in now we have a government that only knows how to govern a state into bankruptcy.

At least with Jeff, brazen, powerful, intimidating, we were a state "on the move". We were progressing at such a rapid rate that other states were in awe. Now we have come to this grinding halt. Investors are reconsidering their investments, building projects are being abandoned, jobs are being lost - even the state educators, who saw Labor as their shining beacon in times of change and apparent darkness through Jeff's reign, are biting their lips in horror as it is quietly revealed on page 6 or 7 of last week's newspapers that $50million is being cut from this portfolio.

Whoahh, Victoria. Like turning off the air-con at one o'clock on a 38-degree day and waiting for the heat to seep into our workplaces and wrap itself around our limbs, while watching Bracksy's yawning grin night after night on the news (how does he actually have time to do anything other than hold press conferences and stick his face in front of the journalists' cameras?!) we are watching our beautiful state being slowly engulfed by apathy and dragged to its knees. For those who care to listen, the sound behind his hesitant, unsure, somewhat glib words is no longer the crisp march of progress but the dull chug and throb of engines shutting down.

I do feel bad criticising him like this, for, having met him on many occasions, I can honestly say that Steve Bracks is a lovely man. But he is not a politician. I want Victoria up and running again the way it was this time last year, when we had so many reasons to be proud of our state - the best state in Australia, with a professional, confident, forward-thinking state government that had the rest of the country green with envy. I'm not a Bracks Basher, just a hard-working Victorian who would really like to think that the future of this state is in the hands of someone who, rather than being likeable as "one of the boys", can actually take on the responsibility with which he has been entrusted and - without the Labor-loving media constantly coming to his rescue - show himself to be a leader who can make all the right things happen.

Dear Jeff,

I hate most art due to it's inherently egalitarian republican nature, but I know what I like... and I would like to install the Elgin Marbles in the guest bathroom of my 2 bedroom brick veneer bungalow in Emu Plains. They will go very nicely with the newly installed pebblecrete floor.

Can you assist?

Philip Benwell

Sorry 60 minutes, you just lost this long time household of 60 minutes fans. As far as we are concerned if you want Jeff then you loose us. Bring on Sea Change! We were so appalled when we heard the news we nearly choked. God help channel nine if they have sunk this low!

X 60 Minutes Viewers

i cant say i ever agreed very much with Jeffs politics (im a blue collar worker, that should explain it all) but in general i liked jeffs personality (still do, its probably the reason people voted him in many times) now after a career in politics is over, i think jeff is doing a very noble thing indeed, the PARTHENON marbles are wanted by their owners! the hellenic people...!

good on you JEFF and HOORAY for channel 9!!!

ioustinianos m.

Hi Jeff

I think you have done a wonderful job on the Elgin marbles. You have highlighted the harm the marauding Britishers have done during their hey day. I wish you could do a similar story about the Kohinoor diamonds which adorn the crown of the monarchy and restore them to India. And we miss you Jeff. I am convinced you would make a better PM. We all know you are primeministerial material. Don't disappoint us.

Regards Rodney

The world is a better place to see the backs of politicians such as Jeff K.He has sold the State of Victoria for a song and only made the fat cats fatter.

We can only pray that what we are getting is better but it can't be much fuckin' worse! 150 years in Victoria

every dog has their day and kennet you got yours all these born to rule dorks who write in to support you didnt have a relative die on a hosptal bed or live in the bush or lose their house to lude williams or pay millions in tolls on a no where road or see all our assets go overseas or see workers rights crushed - i think we were living in germany in 1937 - thank god its over hail bracks piss off felicity you yuppie bitch

western workers

Jeff, I will miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please don't go.

What you have done for Victoria in these past few years is unprecedented. You did a fantastic job, and I hope you don't disappear.

Run for president, I WILL VOTE FOR YOU!!

Love A heartbroken admirer

Dear Jeff,

Just wanted to thank you for all you have done for Victoria in the last few years. Few people seem to realize all the good that you have done. Some people can only see as far as the end of their noses. They can't seem to see long term goals.

My family and myself are extremely disappointed at the result of the recent election. We will miss and I am sure the state will as well, having you as our premier. I can see the sadness in your eyes and I feel for you. I hope you can find something that will take the sadness away. I am sure your family will be of great help to you over this adjusting time.

Best wishes to you from Blackbird.

jeff i love you you are the style king who the hell is steve bracks? he may be a libran (like me) but ... mmmmmmmm - not sure you have been usurped by a younger model people are so fickle thanks for everything, especially the grand prix - i love F1 by the way, i am a 30 yr old female architect recently moved to sydney - still not sure why ... melbourne is so much more STYLISH! and it kicks ass thanks to you jeff am having a ball here though. JEFF FOR PRESIDENT - oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps: loved that photo with you and the two models kneeling at your feet.

I was Jeffed and fled North to Qld. I have found Gods own Country, I do not want it spoilt by Jeff Kennett

Jeff you can rot in Hell.

Jeff, It is very sad for Victoria that you are no longer premier. Their loss is our gain! COME TO QUEENSLAND!!! By god we need you.


People seem to forget what a terrible position Victoria was in before Jeff took control. goodbye&good luck.


It would seem that your Web Site is the last remaining (Internet) testament to the ego that is Jeff. As of today (18/10), and perhaps earlier, is no more. It is now just a mirror of . A sign of party battles to come perhaps? This is rather sad, as I found it most dificult to tell if was a joke anyway. It was certainly Irony at its very best. Some one really should look at preserving that site, for histories sake. So our Grandchildren have something to laugh at.


Well what can I say about Hitler, sorry I meant Jeff...

Jeff has sold all and left virtually no assets for Victoria. His MPs are completely un-known, and un-existant. He is the closest thing that the Victorian Parliamentary system would allow to be one step behind being termed as a DICTATOR... Jeff has done some good to the State, but compared to his friends pork-barelling, and assest salle's and goverment "tender" corruption, he should be removed from office, and an immediate enquiry into his dealings...

Dear Mr Kennet, We need you back in the role you deserve - our premier Onward and upward!

Dear sir,

You are an idiot. I cannot understand why a respectable paper such as The Australian would link to such a pathetic wasteland such as this. Why dorks such as your good self waste their time trying to insult great men such as Jeff is beyond me.

You are pathetic, absolutely pathetic. Get a life. That said, some great graphics on the first page; it looks almost exactly like

Sincerely, S. Matthew Minas II

My name is Rebecca Rogers and I offer nothing but praise to the admirable Jeff Kennet. After loseing my dear brother in a horrific car accident earlier this year, my family embarked on setting up a defensive driveing school in the Bendigo region. Mr Kennet has offered his full support, first by donating $50,000 to the cause and then also promising a dollar to dollar basis for the money we raise every year. Does this sound like a man who does not care, who does not believe in helping people, who does not believe that dreams can't come true. I don't think so. To all you people out there that are quick to slander this lovely gentleman, think about everything he does for us first. Jeff Kennets no.1 supporter
Rebecca Rogers

Fuck you!!!!!!!!!


Nothing compares to the best Kennett satire site on the internet, It is impossible to satire Jeff, because no satire can come close to the satire he presents of himself. It's a source of constant amazement that he can ever be taken seriously... yet he is. What a dork.


When is a white collar criminal not a white collar criminal? When he's Premier of Victoria! Please, sir, do we have your permission to vote now?


Victoria's vision of Jeffrey Kennett

Imagine the state of Victoria as a family household and Jeffrey Kennett as the father. The household is behind in it's payments and the debt collectors are on the front door step. Jeffrey Kennett slams his hand down on the table "I have the answer" he says "we dont need the duck pond, the shrubbery and the useless garden setting, we will develop the backyard into a super B.M.X track. Junior will inform all his friends that all future races will be held in our backyard Super track, initially the admission prices will be low."

The family project keeps the household's finances afloat for a while, but ultimately the running costs far exceed the income, so Jeffrey decides to re-assess the budget. As Junior proves to be a star champion racer, it would be a waste spending money to further his education, anyway Junior seems to be doing quite well as a bookmaker as Jeffrey has a keen interest in his son's entrepreneurial activities.

At last the household finances are out of the red and into the black, but Jeffrey is uneasy, he knew it wouldn't last long. Medical costs for accidents on the race track are exceeding their limit, calling on Jeffrey to remedy the situation by cutting costs to the household's medical requirements. Since Junior has to make sacrifices for the benefit of the household, it would only be fair to reduce spending on grandma's medication as well.

When Grandma's condition begins to deteriorate, Jeffrey considers how nice it would be of him to make it pleasant for grandma's friends to come and visit her now that she can not go out and see them herself, so he installs poker machines in the granny flat.

Now that Jeffrey is very busy with so much to do on his agenda, he needs support from everyone in the household so he can keep progressing. Mother is wasting too much time in her beloved front garden, so Jeffrey tells mother this time in the garden is to be productive.

Success is finally accomplished when Jeffrey Kennett has removed all the old trees from mother's beloved garden to set up a modest bordello. be continued?


Dear Jeffrey, I was just wondering how good you think the chances of the Liberals winning the September election would be if you happened to kick the bucket before the event and someone else had to fill your shoes, say the honourable and widely trusted Rob McLellan? Do other Liberals actually exist during election campaigns? Just wondering given your jeff (as opposed to Liberal) website. Ciao.

Dear Jeff why are you silly enough to call an election so early. I cannot understand this please email me and explain.


Dear Mr Kennett, could you please E-mail us some info on the citylink for our school project on 'government and decion making' because we are doing our prodject on the citylink and we want to find out why people have to pay to go on the citylink and the reason's. People don't have to pay to go on the westgate or any other bridges. What do the people say about having to pay? Why did you think it wasn't safe to open?

Your's sincerely, Paul and Steven

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