What is a Pokémonarchy™ BettyWoo?

It's the most unique virtual monarch that you'll ever meet. It's a walking companion, an alarm clock, and a digital mini-game rolled into one.

BettyWoo is an active monarch who demands a lot of attention. So, be sure you're ready to say yes to the responsibility of bringing BettyWoo home!

BettyWoo likes to travel lots, and clips onto your belt or clothing, because she is eager to follow you wherever you go. Don't forget to make sure she has her handbag --- no matter where she goes!

BettyWoo will get upset if you don't invite her to go places with you. BettyWoo is the only virtual monarch that actually counts your steps as you walk.

If BettyWoo feels you exercising, she will walk, run, or ride a horse along with you. The more active you are, the more happy BettyWoo becomes. Excerising with BettyWoo builds up points called toadies, which you can give to BettyWoo.

Giving BettyWoo gifts will help to build your friendship, and BettyWoo will reward you with a smile, a wave, a back flip, a dance of joy, or a knighthood.

If you check in on BettyWoo throughout the day, you might catch her taking a nap, reading a book, having tea, feeding the corgis or going to the races. It's a good thing that BettyWoo isn't easily embarrassed, because sometimes you can accidentally catch her taking a bath!

Don't forget to feed your BettyWoo. She really likes a Gin and Tonic. You get extra points if you mix a really good one. She also loves to nibble on fruit cake, shortbread or jam. BettyWoo loves any sort of Wind in the Willows food.

There are lots of ways to have fun with your BettyWoo, but whatever you do, don't ignore her. BettyWoo's feelings are easily hurt, and she will ignore you right back or even dismiss you.

You'll have to walk with your BettyWoo, talk to your Betty Woo, and even shake your BettyWoo. But, you can never touch your BettyWoo.

If you think you have what it takes to keep one happy and healthy, there is an eager BettyWoo waiting for a new owner just like you.

Pokémonarchy™ BettyWoo is only available from Rocket. Anything else is just a cheap imitation!

Lookout for the complete Pokemonarchy™ characters, exclusive to Rocket, coming soon!

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