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In an old house in Washington, with white walls
lived politicians who spoke in great halls.

All very upright, they made their laws

and started wars.

They tried to be good
whenever they could.

Only passing a decree
when they could agree --
and although democratic
it was all very erratic.

The loudest one
was Madeleine.
She loved a good quarrel.
and had to be right.
Of war she said,
"Let's use our might
it's only moral."

For Mr Milosevic
Madeleine kept a very big stick.

She knew better than any man
how to frighten Slobodan.

In the middle of one night
Slobadan put out the light
thinking they would never fight.

But Madeleine jumped out of bed.
Cried and cried. "Off with his head."

She dialed the president at his home
even spoke to the UN on the phone
"War", she cried. "We will quickly win,
when we send in CNN."

Every one took up the cry,
the United Nations standing by.
Madeleine was going to war
it would soon be over for sure.

To show her dislike
Madeleine ordered a quick air strike.

So with planes that were invisible
to make sure the war would be winnable
they took off into the night
to give the Serbians a fright.

Everybody let out a sigh,
no one was going to die,
They couldn't fail ---
Madeleine would prevail.

Oh what a sight,
they lit up the night.
The city was aflame
and Slobadan was to blame.

But in the morning instead
Slobodan got up and said,
"Isn't ethnic cleansing fine
thanks to NATO and Madeleine."

Said a newspaper headline.
Let's teach the swine
Ethnic cleansing is a crime

In came reporters.
They were looking for slaughters.
Instead they saw mothers and daughters,
and the sorrow and despair
of bombs dropping everywhere.

But the biggest surprise you know
were the people leaving Kosovo

"Horror", they said. "Just look at us
all crammed together on this bus.
No matter if we're Albanian,
KLA or even Serbian.
There's nothing left to win.
From now on we are refugees,
thanks to the world's democracies."

So all alone
And far from home
they got sent
to live in an army tent.

In the middle of the night
Kofi Annan turned on the light
And said,"Something is not right."
It will take more than a plaster
to end this disaster.
Madeleine, we are the UN!
Let's do something humanitarian."

And Madeleine cried, "Boohoo!
Let's send in the ground troops too!"

So now at the end of the day,
there is nothing left, except to say,
"That the last little shell
will probably send us all to hell."

with apologies to Ludwig Bemelmans



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