The Clover Moore Cybershrine
The Official Unofficial Clover Moore Web Site

Dedicated to the Beatification of Clover Moore

Clover Moore, one of the few Independents in the NSW Government, has been the Member for Bligh since 1988. During this time Clover has fought a tireless campaign against sin and corruption in government.

She has almost single-handedly brought down at least one Premier in her quest for more honesty and openess in Government. Her influence has waned somewhat since the last election and she no longer holds the balance of power. Even so, she was returned as the Independent Member for Bligh at the last election.

In the eyes of her electorate she can do no wrong as she boldly goes forth:

  • Walking across the waters of Woolloomooloo Bay in her battle to save the Finger Wharf.
  • Manifesting herself in many places at the same time --- particularly during the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras --- a form of omnipresence even God only demonstrates occasionally.
  • Overturning the tables of Parliament House by introducing her own Private Member's Bills.
  • Battling Media Mogul Gladiators in the Sydney Showground Arena in her attempts to save the site from developers.
  • Attempting to part the muddy waters of The Eastern Distributor with a light rail route.
  • Working tirelessly to minister to those affected by flight path noise.
  • Why, it is even believed by some that she can turn panadols into ekkies.

In her bid for democracy and social justice she has even clashed with Mardi Gras President Bev Lange over their decision to require heterosexual and bisexual Mardi Gras membership applicants to provide a reason why they should be allowed to join.

She has also demanded that NSW Attorney-General, Jeff Shaw, fund an inquiry into discrimination against same-sex relationships in a bid to get the issue back on the government's agenda.

Here at Rocket we are determined to promote a campaign for the beatification and ultimate alternative Sainthood of Blessed Clover Moore --- BCM for short and not to be confused with DCM. To do so we need concrete proof of at least one miracle that she has performed.

Please tell us of any miracles our blessed sister has performed --- prayers answered, wishes granted, healing, levitation, and so on, all count --- so we can set in chain the long drawn-out ratification process preceeding the beatification and ultimate canonization of Clover Moore.