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David Oldfield

David Oldfield, gained notoriety by attaching himself to the flotsam surrounding Pauline Hanson.

He appeared like a knight in shining armour defending Pauline from a few racist thugs and became her guiding light. Manipulating the power behind her back.

David was part of the trinity which set up One Nation. Now he is relying on the political ignorance of One Nation followers to propel him into the "unelected swill" of the NSW Upper House.

This will ensure him a sound financial future and superannuation plan others can only dream of.

So far, he has dragged One Nation out of political obscurity and back again. He has left Pauline no more than a figurehead of her former self.

How much longer will it be before he plunges a political dagger of his own into a vacant spot on Pauline's back?

Whether he achieves his lifelong ambition to lead the politically deranged is anyone's guess.

Rocket thinks it will take more than a Monica --- perhaps an Aussie Shiela --- to boost his lower-than-a-snakes-belly popularity.

Have you had any hanky panky with David? Perhaps the evidence is gathering dust under your bed. Drag out the that old stained, blue cocktail dress and let us know what you have been up to with David.


We have not heard much from David Oldfield since he settled into the comfy chairs of the NSW Upper House but it is unlikely Pauline Hanson is on his Christmas card list. They are not talking much these days even though he claims ownership of "One Nation" in NSW.



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Send an email and let everyone know what you think. It is quite likely he will read it himself — his wife has one of our Mad Tax t-shirts.