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With the help of his good friend God, and in a feat not seen since the Fall of Jericho, the Pontiff has managed to bring down the Berlin Wall as well as much of the Iron Curtain.

Not only that, but he has managed to knock up a few frequent flyer points winging his way around the world, spreading his message of peace and goodwill, in a way that Jehovah's Witnesses can only dream of

The Pope was in the news again recently when he ordered the pioneering Sydney Sisters of Charity to stop their involvement with Sydney's first trials of a legalised drug injecting room

The move has sent the customary shockwaves through the Catholic community.The Vatican implied the Sisters' involvement was "not acceptable" for practical reasons

Taking the high moral ground would have been downright hypocritical. Monks and Nuns have been supplying alcohol to the masses ever since they realised Jesus turned water into wine.

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