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Philip Ruddock Goes Over to the Dark Side

Philip Ruddock becomes the supreme ruler of the most powerful tyrannical regime the world has ever witnessed. Yet his humble roots can be traced to his days at Berowra.

Before his rise to power, Ruddock was an unassuming yet ambitious Minister in the Howard Government.

Ruddock saw the republic issue crumbling about him, torn apart by partisan bickering and corruption. Unscrupulous senators took advantage of the system, growing fat and wealthy on a bureaucracy that didn't even try to stop them.

Ruddock's moment of opportunity comes as a boat load of asylum seekers try to settle in his country. Faced with a possible election defeat the Government turns the incident into a race-based election that sweeps it back into office and humiliates the already weak Opposition.

Ruddock, enjoying a surge in popularity, not seen since Pauline Hanson wandered the political landscape, rises in power to become Prime Minister.

To the ululating cries of his fanatical supporters he promises to reunite the disaffected, and bring order and justice to the government.

Despite his promises, the government continues to be mired in strife and chaos. To counter this Ruddock institutes a military and naval build-up to turn back "illegal boat people" and put all other "queue-jumpers" in detention camps.

"Use the Force," he screams whenever a new boat load of refugees appears on the horizon.

All opposition is wiped out as Ruddock embraces the dark side and begins his rule by tyranny!

Ruling with an iron fist and playing on the monarchist tendencies of his people he crowns himself Emperor.

He is a gnarled, old man with pale, pallid skin, and searing, sickly yellow eyes. He is Palpatine!

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