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Update 10 July 2002
Winnie has been in the news again recently. She has been appearing in court on fraud charges.

Read the short biography that landed up in our email.

Winnie Mandela
Well, little Stompie seems to be casting a very long shadow over Winnie Mandela's political aspirations.

It seems South Africa has exchanged a bunch of rather crooked white politicans for a bunch of equally crooked black ones. Democracy, however, is a bit like that -- there should be a law against it!

Nelson couldn't cope and divorced the woman. South Africa on the other hand, is still forced to endure her!

Winnie The Power of Mom
The new interactive, multi-level biography of South Africa's most controversial politician.

Written by Bryce Courtney, Winnie: The Power of Mom is a unique account of Winnie Mandela -- whose only real contribution to black liberation seems to be her divorce from Nelson Mandela.

As Bryce himself said, "the woman is so complex and her story so confusing, I don't think anyone will ever know the truth about her. For this reason I created 4 separate and very different biographies. The book covers are all identical and the only way you will know which book is which is to read all four of them from beginning to end".

In a first for Australian marketing, Bryce Courtney, who hired a team of sky-writers to write extracts of his last novel high above Sydney, has also struck a deal with Kinder Surprise. Instead of getting a surprise toy inside each Kinder Surprise, people will now be able to collect the complete chapters of Winnie: The Power of Mom.

Not only will everyone be able to collect the complete set of books, but by rearranging the chapters it is possible to create your very own unique Winnie autobiography.

After all, the new South Africa is still very much like a Kinder Surprise. All chocolate on the outside, very white on the inside and no one has any idea what the hell they are getting.


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Winnie: The Power of Mom


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