The Spine Cleansing Diet Book

This international bestseller contains hundreds of mouth watering spine cleansing recipes to help any politician with their snout stuck in the gravy train.

As any politician knows, if you cannot get your spine to function correctly it is impossible to carry your weight. This book shows you how to feel good, look good and improve your political standing by following the Spine Cleansing Diet.

Valuable Information

Dr Wooldridge's book on the spine contains a wealth of information

  • A simple 8 week eating plan to detoxify the spine and control your weight without expensive cholesterol reducing drugs
  • A fascinating look at ancient Chinese and naturopathic and chiropractic philosophies on spine problems. These remedies are not covered by Medicare.
  • Spine tonics from secret blends of herbs and spices to the latest drugs that boost weight loss by speeding up your metabolism
  • A futuristic artificial spine for politicians with serious spinal problems

Benefits of the Spine Cleansing Diet

This simple spine cleansing diet has many benefits

  • Not covered by Medicare
  • Enhances political performance
  • Detoxification and cleansing of poor political performance
  • Better GST immunity
  • Cholesterol reduction without expensive drugs
  • Weight loss
  • Helps politicians suffering election problems

Who can benefit

All Australian politicians who suffer with chronic spinal problems, an overburdened GST immune system, pork barreling and gravy-train induced weight problems.

A healthy spine reduces depression and moodiness and helps overcome the trials and tribulations of a life spent in Australian politics. Studies prove the Spine Cleansing Diet to be more effective than the political superannuation scheme for restoring a healthy political outlook!


Read Dr Michael Wooldridge's, controversial book

"This book gave me the courage to appear on Good News Week"
Amanda Vanstone

"Complete rubbish! The man has no medical credibility"
Dr Kerryn Phelps
Australian Medical Association